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manufacture and sale of fans and unit exhausters

The company based in Hroznová Lhota was established in 1997 and followed on to the tradition manufacture of fans in this place. It is small and still developing company in South Moravia that produces industrial radial fans (low-pressure, medium-pressure and transport) concentrating on quality and high products life.

Our flexibility allows to satisfy customers specific requirements implementation and power of fans. Our main production consists fans to higher temperatures (to furnaces and drying room) for example up to 750°C during work time.


manufacture and sale of fans and unit exhausters

Until 80°C

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low-pressure / medium-pressure / transport

Low-pressure (VRN, VNS, VNSB)

Medium-pressure (VRS, VSS)

Transport (VRT)

Until 120°C a 160°C

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low-pressure / medium-pressure

Low-pressure (VNGKP, VRE, VREK)

Medium-pressure (VSE)

Until 500°C

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low-pressure / medium-pressure

Low-pressure (VNGH/1, VNGH/2, VNCH)

Medium-pressure (VSGH)


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Low-pressure (VNHS)

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